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Drop Camp Excursions

Outfitted camp, DIY hunt with assistance

Those hunters who would like to hunt without a guide, yet not have to worry about packing in all the gear needed to maintain a camp for a week, an outfitted drop camp is for you. 

Drop Camps

We set up our drop camps before your arrival.  They are well-equipped: a good-sized canvas wall tent, nice cots with sleeping pads, full camp-kitchen set-up with propane stove, pots/pans/dishes/etc, table/chairs, and a private privy. Our camps normally have a good water source, but if there is high run-off due to rain and it gets muddy, we'll pack in fresh water.  We require all camps to rent a satellite phone so you can stay in contact with us.  All you need to bring is your personal clothing, hunting gear, sleeping bag, and food.  We will provide you a recommended equipment list, packing guidelines, and detailed geographic information after booking your hunt. 

The price of the drop camp, includes packing you in with all your gear, supporting you as needed while you’re in camp, and packing you out at the end of your hunt.  The price also includes packing out the game you take.   We’ll pack your game out and take it directly to the processor or cold storage (separate fees will be charged by those vendors). 


We have Archery/Muzzleloading drop camps in GMUs 74 and 77.  The GMU 74 drop camp is in the Twilight compartment of the Weminuche Wilderness north of Durango, Colorado at about 11,300 feet.  Our GMU 77 drop camps are located in the foot/horse-access-only Beaver Meadows and Sheep compartments of the San Juan National Forest just south of the Weminuche between 8,500 and 9,900 feet. 


For Rifle seasons, we have four drop camps in the Beaver Meadows and Sheep compartments of the San Juan National Forest in GMU 77 just south of the Weminuche along a major elk migration route between 8,500 and 9,900 feet.  The only way to travel in this area is on foot or horseback.   


$2500 per hunter

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